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A new approach to securing and building people capability …

Selection Partners was conceived out of the frustration we heard from clients and candidates regarding the highs and lows they experienced in the recruitment process. Both Directors strongly felt there could be a better way. Combining the strengths of the Directors in human resource consulting, coaching and executive recruitment enabled Selection Partners to be born.

Our recruitment philosophy

Having worked in and with the recruitment industry for over 34 years, the Directors understand that in today’s changing and global work environment the roller coaster ride of being employed and then out of work is almost inevitable. We strongly believe that regardless of whether you are giving us a role to recruit or looking for a new career direction, you should be treated equally respectfully.

Many search and recruitment firms espouse that they care equally about their clients and candidates, but words and actions are very different! 

We offer a new approach …… to your recruitment flow which offers career support, coaching and resources to support you regardless of your employment status.

Our HR Consulting philosophy

We are strong believers in partnering with our clients to provide innovative and practical HR Consulting solutions that deliver an ROI on your people investments across the whole employee life cycle. With great talent becoming increasingly hard to find, we work with you to ensure you retain, engage and develop the ‘right’ people in the ‘right’ roles to deliver your competitive advantage. Our consulting focuses on the “difference that makes the difference”. 

Our Mission  – At the core of everything we do is our intrinsic desire to help people develop and progress in their careers. This drives our ethical, supportive and respectful behaviour as we continue to deliver innovative people solutions and evolve as a business. 

Our Values

  • Respect –  we acknowledge and value everyone’s individuality
  • Creativity – we challenge the status quo to shape our industry for the better
  • Authenticity –  we enjoy ‘being ourselves’ and are committed to our vision
  • Positivity – we have fun focusing on opportunity and potential 
  • Collaboration  - we believe in supporting others to prosper 

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