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Lets help each other – through career success stories

As a career coach I often relay success stories of others I have worked with, to help motivate my current clients and to help push them through some of the anxiety and fear they may be feeling.

This got me thinking, I would love to collate more stories of how people have successfully utilised their own career strategies or implemented tactics which have worked positively for them to help them find a new role. This may include networking or simply changing your mindset or rewriting your CV, it could be anything. On the flip side, I am also keen to hear some of the lessons people have learned on their own career journey which they are willing to share that may help & inspire others. These can be stories of how to keep resilient, tips or advice or how to deal with rejection. I would like to hear real stories from real people. I will then create a document which I am happy to publish on the website and share with everyone to benefit from. As one of my colleagues says, none of us is Robinson Crusoe, so the more we can learn from and help each other, the better.

Please email me your story directly at june@selectionpartners.com.au.  I know people get inspired and motivated from hearing how others have successfully travelled before them. Thanks guys I appreciate your help. June

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