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2018 Post-holiday Blues

If your festive holiday break feels like a distant memory and you need some encouragement to get focused for 2018, these 7 ideas may help you. 

selection partners melbourne recruitment post holiday blues

1. Set goals. Even if you’re not in the habit of setting goals, make a point to identify where you are now and where you want to be by the end of the year. This may involve career goals, learning goals, fitness goals, whatever is important to you – plan a goal and breakdown how you are going to achieve it.

2. Document your successes. Take stock of your accomplishments. Make a list of what you’ve done so that when you are applying for a new role, internally or externally you have  accomplishments to discuss.

3. List new skills you want. You’ll likely need new skills to move ahead with your career plans, so think about how you can get them. Talk to your manager to determine if there are ways you can augment your current skills by participating in new projects or attend courses or have coaching.

4. Manage your brand. We all have a brand; make sure that your reputation speaks for itself. Make sure your online profiles (LinkedIn, etc) feature the information you want people to know about you.  Think also about your personal brand at work.

5. Break out of your rut. Is it time to take on something new? If you’ve been doing the “same old thing” for years, now may be the perfect time to plan for a change. New hobby, new sport, new haircut???

6. Network – join a professional association or take a more active role in one where you are a member. Professional organizations provide many opportunities to volunteer and take on leadership roles. Look for a small job to start, and plan to ramp up your involvement, especially if you have career aspirations that involve using leadership skills.

7. Say Yes. Give new things a go. Try your best to be open to new ideas and new ways to do things – say “yes” more than “no” at work when it comes to suggestions, ideas or projects.

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