March, 2015 | Selection Partners | Executive Recruitment, Melbourne

Creating a Professional Online Presence

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin as well as professional blogs provide an excellent resource to easily highlight your skills and experience, reach like-minded peers and reveal positions you wouldn’t otherwise be exposed too. Unfortunately, an unprofessional online brand can be detrimental to your job search success. 

Diversity is normality

One of things I love about living in Australia is the rich and diverse nature of the workforce.  When I look at our team in the office, however we could be seen as the least diverse workforce in our building. All the faces smiling at me are white Anglo Saxon.  However, this doesn’t mean we are not inclusive or open to diversity. When you scratch…

Why you should read this first.

Before writing this article, I took a few minutes to review the information online that is available on social media portals that provide helpful advice to people considering changing jobs, getting back into the workforce, being approached to consider a new opportunity and first time job seekers.  After delving into all the information available, I came away with sore eyes and feeling very confused.  Here’s…