April, 2012 | Selection Partners | Executive Recruitment, Melbourne

There is help for SME’s!

If you work in or own a SME in Manufacturing or Clean Energy, then you may be interested in meeting some of the people we have recently met.  Danny and I heard about a business initiative called Enterprise Connect.  Being curious, we met a few of the Business Advisors who provide this free consulting service to SME’s. 

Leadership Skills for the Future

Leadership skills for the future. Great leadership transcends industry.  We have all seen how successful leaders can utilise their skills to drive performance and create success regardless of the industry or level within the organisation within which they work.   Technical expertise and industry knowledge can only get Leaders so far. To become a successful leader today and to remain successful into the future, will require…

First Successful Workshop

Our vision is to change the way the recruitment industry treats candidates, we offer a series of free training workshops designed to provide tangible advice to professionals who are seeking a new role.  These ‘no charge’ sessions are open to anyone looking for roles in the areas we service.  The first of these workshops “How to Ace your mid level Supply Chain interview’ ran in…