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10 Tips to Find a New Job

Keep Calm10 Tips to Find a New Job

As a career and outplacement agency, we regularly help people to find new roles or new careers.  We know that finding a new role can be really challenging for some at times.

If you want to know what we think are the most important things to do when looking for a new job; carry on reading.

  1. Get your CV looking great! Great means 3-5 pages – no more! Pack it full of quantifiable achievements and make it relevant to the role you are applying for. 
  2. Get yourself looking the part! First impressions count, so make yours say the right thing. This could be via a sharp haircut, polished shoes or even a new suit.
  3. Know yourself! When asked “What are your strengths?” Know what these are and back them up with examples, then during an interview relate these to the job role or company you are applying for.
  4. Update your LinkedIn profile. 98% of recruiters check you out on LinkedIn, so make sure your profile sells your suitability. This means having a good photo, clear summary and your jobs populated as a minimum.
  5. Clean up your social media. Don’t upload any photo’s or comment on posts that could cast you in a disparaging manner. The recruiters checking you out on LinkedIn, often also check Facebook, Instagram etc.
  6. Network. Tell people you know you are looking for a new role. Ask your network to help you with recommendations. At some point everyone is likely to be either unemployed or looking for a new opportunity. People realise this so “What goes around comes around”.
  7. Target organisations directly. Apply to companies where you would like to work. Speak to the hiring managers or send your CV to them directly. Avoid Human Resources. If the hiring managers like the look of your CV, they are more likely to meet you than the busy HR team.
  8. Don’t get sad! Finding a new job tires the resolve of even the toughest of people! Keep positive, keep persevering and keep on trying. Getting knockbacks, rejection emails, or even no news regarding your application is all part of the process (unfortunately).
  9. Get advice from a career coach or buy “Careering” (www.careering.com.au). Shameless plug for the best Australian online job search coaching tool and our services of course.
  10. Get the assistance of a good recruiter who works in your area of expertise. If that’s construction, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain or retail – Selection Partners would like to hear from you. End of second shameless plug.

Seriously, hope these tips help and all the best. 

Written by June Parker

June is Co-Founder of Selection Partners, President of EEON and an Executive and Career Coach. June  has strong business acumen with the ability to quickly grasp the needs of her clients. She has proven experience in the application of critical leadership coaching methodologies and tools.  June’s sense of humour combined with her direct yet supportive style enables her clients to feel safe whilst stretching themselves to develop and progress. She quickly develops trust and is known for her common sense practical approach.  June is ICF & CDAA qualified.

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