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10 signs a man you work with is sexist

24.03.201710 signs a man you work with is sexist

This may appear controversial, however I have noticed this all too often in organisations I have worked with. If you are female, I wonder if you have noticed these traits in someone you work with.

If you are male, if any of the following seem OK to you, please take note, we (the female race & many men) would prefer you think about why this is OK. 

Signs of a sexist!

  1. He shakes the hand of a male hard and firm, then a female’s hand softly
  2. He talks over the female when she speaks and listens to the male speaking
  3. He thinks that it’s OK to make sexist jokes and say “lighten up” to any female who objects
  4. He thinks it’s OK to look a female up & down when meeting her, judging her on appearance
  5. He tries to help females all the time, offering advice and his support when it’s not needed
  6. He explains things in a patronising manner
  7. He thinks it’s OK if a female is paid less because she works part-time then expects her to work on her day/s off
  8. He expects a female to make the tea or fetch drinks for the office
  9. When there is a meeting he expects the female to take the notes
  10. Despite his wife/partner working, he gets grumpy if he is also expected to pull his weight with household chores

In today’s challenging, complex and changing environment, it’s important to see the reality of what occurs in the workplace today. 

Simplistically, I believe there are some men who staunchly value and protect their position of privilege and strive to maintain the inequality of the status quo.  Then there are men who don’t mean to be sexist, they just don’t think that they are treating a female colleague differently to the way they treat male colleagues.  Then there are those men, who get it, who want what is fair and right.  They believe equality is about valuing difference whilst treating everyone equally. This latter group of men recognise that moving forward, gender equality is good for business, good for society and good for our children growing up. I applaud this group who are courageous, speak up and  work hard to make a difference.

Written by June Parker

June is Co-Founder of Selection Partners, President of EEON and an Executive and Career Coach. June  has strong business acumen with the ability to quickly grasp the needs of her clients. She has proven experience in the application of critical leadership coaching methodologies and tools.  June’s sense of humour combined with her direct yet supportive style enables her clients to feel safe whilst stretching themselves to develop and progress. She quickly develops trust and is known for her common sense practical approach.  June is ICF & CDAA qualified.

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